The Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center

The Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center

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Salmon, Idaho USA
May 2021

A beacon of support for the youth of Salmon

In May 2021, the Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center was completed with the support of remarkable individuals and businesses from Salmon and beyond. This noteworthy facility stands as a beacon of support for the youth of Salmon, who have long awaited such a symbol. The center addresses its needs by providing essential gym space that creates flexible practice schedules and another venue for hosting events. Every year, the Lynch Center will offer children the opportunity to experience the support of their community. The versatile facility will host various sporting events and be an additional location for the theater and music department performances. The center features a full-size basketball court, an auxiliary gym, a well-equipped weight room, a wrestling room, multiple locker rooms, coach’s offices, and a cardio room catering to the training needs of athletes.

The Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center

The Nep & Mary Ellen Lynch Center






The completion of this project was made possible through the tireless efforts of volunteers and donations. Alongside the Lynch family, the funding was entirely sourced from private contributors in the form of monetary, volunteered time, equipment, and materials.  QB Corporation and numerous other local and regional businesses were inspired by the project’s impact on Salmon’s youth by providing a building to alleviate the lack of gym space and improving the overall facilities of the school district.

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