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Located in Salmon, Idaho, USA.

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Committed to Excellence Since 1977

Our journey began in the early months of 1977, crafting structural components for a spacious 40′ X 90′ building, which now stands as the cornerstone of our operations. In those early days, we proudly produced around 30,000 board feet per week, setting the stage for our growth. Today, our production capacity is over 1.5 million board feet per week.

Since 2019, our commitment to excellence has driven us to enhance our fabrication services by elevating capacity, precision, and craftsmanship. After thorough deliberation, we invested significantly in a CNC machine for glulam beam fabrication. By the autumn of 2020, our vision became reality as we successfully integrated this cutting-edge CNC technology, solidifying our position as one of the largest CNC-equipped glulam manufacturers in the United States.

QB Corp facility

QB Corporation’s commitment and extra attention to quality set us apart. Quality to us is much more than just the essential product. It is all of the aspects of the business, from sales to manufacturing to shipping. QB glulam beams are manufactured using kiln-dried lumber and waterproof glues to provide a product with high reliability and performance.

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We make sure none of our wood scraps, trims, or sawdust go to waste by producing wood pellets. The pellets are bagged and sold to local markets to use for heating. We also recycle all of the plastic wrapping used on our lumber.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Mike Lane


Michael Lane

General Manager & Vice President

Glenn Goulet

Shipping & Lumber Purchaser

Rocky Walker

Maintenance Manager & Pellet Sales

Clay Buhler

Quality Assurance

Shawn Anderson

Production Manager

Karl Nichols


Bob Butch

Sales Manager

Zac Troughton

Sales & CNC Operations

Tyler Aldous

CNC Operations

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