QB Corp's Commitment to Safety

QB Corp safety helmet and vest

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

QB is dedicated to providing our employees and customers with a safe and healthful working environment. Our commitment to safety extends into the quality that we produce in our products. If structural products fail for any reason, injuries can occur. Our dedication to manufacturing all products safely and responsibly extends to our customers, who depend on our products to meet and exceed industry standards.

Monthly Safety meetings are held to keep all employees abreast of Safety topics related to their work environment. We also have a Safety Recommendation Group comprised of individuals from each department. They must maintain a safe working attitude amongst their co-workers and report any unsafe acts or hazards assessed in their department.

We currently have 5 EMTs on staff. Their expertise is vital to the safety and care of our employees. In January 2010, QB received the OSHA’s SHARPS designation, recognizing the company’s commitment to safety.

Safety Mission Statement

Your daily safety awareness and practice of good safety procedures are necessary and demanded for the safe and healthful operation of QB Corporation.

It is your right to go home in as good a condition as when you arrive.

QB Corporation’s paramount obligation is to provide a safe and healthful work environment. This can be achieved through training, information, proper equipment,  and discipline provided to all levels of employees regarding proper work practices and safe operating practices. To establish and organize good safety policies and procedures, the General Safety Policies and Procedures Manual is to be followed by all employees. Achievement of this goal is to be checked through regular inspections of the facility and equipment.

QB Corporation will comply with appropriate safety and security laws and regulations, such as those established by The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), The  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Department of Transportation (DOT), and all other applicable federal, state, and local safety and health regulations.

The Employee’s primary responsibility at every level is to know and follow the safety practices described in the written safety plans. It is your responsibility to learn the location of all safety and emergency equipment and the appropriate safety contact phone numbers. All employees are responsible for helping identify potential hazards and being active in the Safety Recommendation Group (SRG) committee and any other safety prevention program when asked.

QB Corporation believes that the safety of employees is of utmost importance, and it is an equal partner with quality, production, and cost control.

Let’s all do our part.